Revolutionary new feeding method saves abandoned puppy

One could hardly imagine a mother denying her newborn a lifesaving meal, but sometimes, in nature, it happens. Such was the case with newborn pup Lilly Blossom. Too small to compete with the other, more aggressive pups, this Yorkie was pushed aside when it came time for feeding. Her cries for help went unanswered. Without a miracle, she would have surely died.

Fortunately, her breeders, Adele and Claude Bisson, swung into action. In the past, they had tried syringes, eyedroppers and even tube feeding. But none of this worked with little Lilly. So Adele came up with an ingenious idea. Using a few easy to find items, Adele was able to feed the tiny pup until she was able to eat on her own. Her new technique, which she called “Nature’s Udder Mother,” was so effective that people all over the world have utilized it to save the lives of newborn pups that would have otherwise died from starvation.

As you can see in the video, Lilly Blossom took to the sponge technique without a hitch. Thanks to some quick thinking and a lot of love for dogs, Lilly Blossom is almost two and half years old. She’s full of energy and has a loving family that is thankful everyday for the kindness, and ingenuity, that Adele showed to little Lilly Blossom.

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