Reward Offered To Find Cruel Person Who Tied Chihuahua In Multiple Bags And Left Her To Die Along Railroad Tracks

A man walking his dog along the railroad tracks in Vineland, New Jersey, inspected a green shopping bag his dog was sniffing and was shocked when he saw it move.

He immediately brought the bundle of bags to South Jersey Regional Animal Shelter (SJRAS). Shelter workers cut open the shopping bags that were tied tightly around a duffel bag. They unzipped the urine-soaked duffel bag and found a young female Chihuahua shaking with fear.

The traumatized dog jumped out of the bag and seemed disoriented. She was named Coco and examined by a veterinarian. The little pup was clearly distressed, dehydrated, and underweight.

“We are sickened by a blatant act of animal cruelty that occurred today to a sweet & innocent little Chihuahua, Coco,” wrote the shelter.

They posted a video on their Facebook page of them freeing the scared dog. Dozens of people commented that they were grateful she was found in time and don’t understand how someone could be so cruel.

SJRAS is offering a $1,000 reward to find the person responsible for the horrendous act. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Vineland Police Department at 856-691-4111.

Coco is still a sweet and loving girl even after the cruelty she endured. She is being spoiled at a foster home and currently not available for adoption.

The shelter thanked everyone for their support and interest in Coco. They encouraged people who reached out to adopt Coco to check out the numerous other rescue dogs and cats who all have a story and deserve a second chance.

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