Rex The Boxer Starts Barking Frantically, But If You Look Closer, This Is What You’ll See

Have I ever told you that dogs tend to be really silly sometimes? They act silly, or make silly decisions for which they regret latter. Well this video is one of those silly situations when a dog, a Boxer dog named Rex gets scared from the stupidest thing in this world. This big, strong Boxer gets scared from a feather. I mean seriously you people, a feather. How can one get scared from a small “dead” feather? Well I guess we will have to ask Boxers about that because Rex isn’t the first, and only one of getting terrified of feathers.

I have no idea where did he found this feather, but I can’t stop laughing at that seriously terrified face. How can one even think of getting scared from something like that. Well I have told you many times, that dogs tend to be silly. It is just in their nature. It is really weird to think about it but dogs get scared of pictures, from tiny cats, from keys sound, from songs and the list could go and and on and on forever. However it is funny to see that even though the dog is scared, he doesn’t do anything to “protect” himself from the “monster” in front of him. He just sits there and barks. Really smart thing to do right?

On the other hand we could think of this situation as curiosity towards the feather. Maybe this Boxer is not scared but curious, but then why doesn’t he touch it to see what is it? I will let you decide about that. What is the reason that Rex is barking at this feather. Is it out of curiosity to see what is the weird thing sitting in front of him? Or, does he bark because he is terrified, and that’s his way of making this “monster” leave the scene. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share and like if you find it funny!

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