Robert Downey Jr., “Iron Man” Actor, Opens Up About the Vital Role of His Rescued Animals in His Life

Actor Robert Downey Jr., famously known for playing Iron Man in Marvel’s MCU series, expresses his deep love for animals and their immense emotional support, affirming that he cannot envision his life without his rescued pets.

Downey Jr., who also starred as the much-loved Doctor Dolittle, a veterinarian with the ability to converse with animals, has a soft spot for creatures great and small. Although unable to communicate with them like Dolittle, he shares his Malibu home with a multitude of animals. His family includes two rescue cats he and his wife, Susan, adopted, demonstrating his commitment to animal welfare.


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Monty and D’Artagnan are the fortunate felines that found a new home with the acclaimed Hollywood actor. Downey Jr. openly admits that his life feels less fulfilling without his rescue animals.

In 2017, he took in Moly, a black cat in dire need of a nurturing environment. Despite Moly’s traumatic past, he received the love and care he needed and is now an outgoing and content cat.

Susan remarks that understanding D’Artagnan can be challenging, making it difficult to ascertain whether he’s content or discontent. Despite his sleepy demeanor, D’Artagnan fits well within the diverse animal family.

Initially reluctant to adopt, Downey Jr. admits he was deeply moved by the animals’ plight. He now asserts that he cannot imagine life without them.

In addition to cats and dogs, the Downey family also keeps alpacas at their residence. They revel in the spacious, grassy expanses of the actor’s property, much like their natural habitat.

The Downey’s backyard, built with sustainable construction methods, houses a menagerie of rescued animals, including goats, chickens, pigs, and cows, along with the alpacas, piquing public interest.

Downey Jr. transitioned to a vegan lifestyle after learning about the inhumane treatment animals endure in various industries.

During the launch of Dr. Dolittle, he praised his wife’s skills as a producer and announced his decision to follow a plant-based diet. He said, “She is the most creatively innovative producer in the history of film, and even if I no longer eat chicken, I used to make funny expressions for money and chicken. Now, I’ve decided to eat only plants.”

Downey Jr. also founded the Footprint Coalition, an organization aiming to utilize robotics and nanotechnology to clean the planet. His veganism supports this mission, considering the livestock industry’s significant contribution to climate change and ocean plastic pollution.

Other celebrities, like actress Ruby Rose, who plays Batwoman in DC’s Arrowverse, also advocate for environmental and animal protection. She transitioned to veganism upon learning about the harsh conditions of animals in the food industry.

Fans of Robert Downey Jr. and fellow advocates for animal rights and environmental conservation appreciate his efforts and encourage others to follow suit in promoting a sustainable and cruelty-free lifestyle.

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