Roo Never Knew Love, Now The Dog’s Picking Out Her Very First Toy

A dog growing up neglected and without love is one of the saddest situations in the world. There’s nothing more special than having that furry companion for life, and when they are treated any other way it’s absolutely heartbreaking. They are Man’s Best Friend and want nothing more than to please us, but some people just don’t want to return the favor to them. This is why the video below of Roo the Golden Retriever is so special.

The German Shepherd grew up neglected, starved, and abused. She never knew love or had the chance to play like a normal dog. But now rescued, Roo gets to live that pampered dog life! Watch as she goes to the pet store and gets to pick out her very first toy. It’s a moment that’ll pull on your heartstrings for sure. 🙂

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