Rottweiler Goes Into Labor As Expected, But The Puppies Keep On Coming

Eleanor Usher’s Rottweiler, Jessie, was pregnant, and they were told to expect about six to eight puppies. But Mother Nature had a different idea, and everyone was in for a surprise come delivery time.

Jessie went into labor three days before her due date. It was the middle of the night, and the puppies just kept coming! The final tally? A total of 15 puppies when all said and done! While not a record, it’s the second largest litter ever in the UK (the largest being 18!).

After seven hours of labor and what seemed like an endless number of puppies, the family was surprised but very happy. And Jessie is the absolute best mom! She’s been able to feed them all on her own and give each and every pup the individual attention it needs. 🙂

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