Runaway Pit Bull Christens Rookie Cop’s New Cruiser

Officer Larry Taylor, a rookie in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, was excited yesterday morning to be responding to a call in his new cruiser.  And apparently, one very playful pup wanted to help him celebrate by making herself his first passenger!


When the passenger door was opened, the impish little runaway hopped in and made herself right at home by curling up on the seat.  Maybe she’s always wanted to be a K-9, or at the very least, go on a ride-along.

While they waited for her owner to come collect her, she got to hang out with Officer Taylor as he wrote up a report.  It looks like they both had a marvelous time.

The photo, which was posted on the Facebook page of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, has received thousands of likes, shares, and comments.  These two comments really encapsulate the moment:

Larry Ackerman: Welcome to the brotherhood Officer Taylor. Enjoy every day, help who you can and never lose that smile. Be cautious and compassionate with everyone you contact. Go home every day and love your family. Congratulations!

Barbara West: The real test of a person of integrity.. When an animal trusts you and wants to spend time with you. Also the smile on this officers face.. Tells of his kindness and sense of humor.. Long life and happiness to you sir.

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