Russian Sailors See A Dog Stranded On An Iceberg — And Their Rescue Plan Is Insane

Sometimes animals get themselves into some precarious situations and can’t get themselves out! Cats get stuck in trees and dogs get their heads stuck in the holes in a fence. I have a cat who somehow managed to get stuck inside the trash can! I guess he thought the lid would hold and when he stepped on it – down he went!

Some Russian sailors found a dog in a predicament that was very much out of the ordinary. They found a dog floating all alone in the middle of the sea on an iceberg. How the dog ended up on the iceberg, we will never know. But when the sailors saw the dog standing in the freezing cold, they knew that they had to help.

Take a look at this video

I for one am glad that those men took the time to save a life! What a lucky dog! Share away, people!

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