Sad Dog Can’t Stop Snuggling With Pillow Of His Late Brother’s Face

Spencer and Rocky were the best of friends and did everything together for 10 long years. They would always sleep in the same bed and eat from the same bowl and go on walks together. But sadly their time together came to an end recently.

During a vet appointment, Rocky, the blond-haired dog, was found to have a cancerous tumor growing inside of him. It was too late for treatment, and the only option was to put him to sleep that day. Beth Fisher, their owner, was heartbroken.

And Spencer was clearly devastated.

Spencer would get up in the middle of the night to look around the house for his brother and cry because he couldn’t find him. Rocky’s ashes were put on a shelf near the place they used to sleep together, but it wasn’t enough to comfort him.

But Beth’s dad got the idea to order a pillow with Rocky’s smiling face printed on it for Spencer.

And it paid dividends immediately. Spencer took to the pillow as if it were Rocky in the flesh.

It seemed to fill a void in the dog’s heart and soul. Spencer constantly cuddles with the pillow and carries it around the house, from the sofa to his bed to wherever.

Spencer has found peace, and he no longer sleeps alone.

Nothing will ever completely replace Rocky, but we’re happy his friend is still with him in spirit as his family gives him all the love he can handle.

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