Sad Dog Watched Friends Get Adopted, Then A Little Girl Stopped At Her Window

Suzie the Beagle arrived at the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore when she was 2 years old. She was a homeless dog and had never socialized with humans or other dogs. This made her adoption prospects quite bleak. The shelter workers decided to make an eye-opening video to highlight Suzie’s plight as a dog who has been rejected several times.

This short film shows a typical day in Suzie’s life during her stay at the shelter. Like a perfect good girl, she grooms herself and sits upright just as the potential adopters start dropping in. However, no one seems to take any particular interest in her. Her spark grows dimmer every second as people walk past her without showing her love, and go on to adopt other dogs.

Toward the end of this video, we see Suzie’s heartbreaking reaction when a little girl stops by her kennel. The horror and desperation in Suzie’s eyes turns to hope as soon as the little girl reaches her hand out to the dispirited dog!

The shelter’s creative attempt to help Suzie was an instant success. As this video went viral, a family soon came forward to adopt Suzie for their young twins! The video’s popularity also helped the other dogs at the shelter find forever homes. We hope every shelter dog finds the right family to love them!

Click the video below to watch Suzie’s painful hopelessness and desperation to get adopted!

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