Sam: Tiny senior is desperate to be saved

Tiny senior Sam is just eight-years-old. This adorable little one looks quite fit for his age, and volunteers at Miami-Dade Animal Services brag about how he just might be the cutest little senior they have ever seen.

Click here for Sam’s Pet Harbor listing.  A1940243. “I am a neutered male, brown and black Yorkshire Terrier mix. The shelter staff think I am about 8-years-old. I have been at the shelter since March 9. For more information about this animal, call:

Miami-Dade Animal Services at (305) 884-1101. Ask for information about animal ID number A1940243

Sadly, Sam’s family has not come to the shelter to find him, and this little dog sits in his cage wondering why no one has come to scoop him up into their arms and reassure him that everything will be alright. He hears all of the loud noises, all of the barking and wishes he could be lying in his own soft bed, in his own loving home watching Animal Planet with his family.

Check out Sam’s short video:

One heartbreaking story after another, I apologize for this… this sweet girl was dumped in the Redlands, when a local picked her and another sweetie up, he tried his best to treat them (skin conditions), but it wasn’t economically possible for him or us, who try to assist. (Her sister Kira (A1940043), who is currently in treatment at MDAS, therefore no video of her is available at this time) and when he just couldn’t, MDAS came to pick them up, he surrendered them while he hugged them in tears. We assured him, it was the best decision, because they’ll be treated, however in our hearts we really didn’t know, if it was the best choice. Here’s my attempt to show him, this one was the right one… let’s share. Her name is Chiqui #A1940047, a female brown Terrier mix, approximately 2 years old and 33 pounds. When we get a video of her sister I will post. Let’s show him, he saved them with his heart breaking decision.

Posted by Urgent Dogs and Cats of Miami on Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sam’s video has been viewed more than 1,000 times. Surely someone wants to give this little angel a home. Please share his plight with friends, family, approved rescue organizations and social media friends. Sharing saves lives. Follow this dog’s Facebook page here.

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