Sassy Lab Puppy Doesn’t Like Being Locked Behind Bars

This little Labrador puppy has been put behind bars due to his unbearable cuteness and possible overload of excessive energy. Take a look at his attempt to escape from the most terrifying prison on earth. This little pup needs you to be his partner in crime.

This puppy will instantly melt your heart and make you want to free him from this cage. He has his front legs outside the bars like he is begging and trying to get this human’s attention, to help him make a prison break.

His cute little fluffy paws are screaming for affection and cuddles. The pup even tries to push his head through the bars and break free by chewing on the tiny bars around him. He is so adorable, with his dumb looking face and his cute attitude, who wouldn’t want to help this little fellow escape and release him from this scary dungeon.

The intelligent Lab dog is caught gnawing, squeezing and wriggling its head through the metal bars trying to make an escape.

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