Saving Olivia: Abandoned, unable to walk resting on old mattress

In the middle of the night in Houston, Texas, Olivia waited; we don’t know for whom, but her story is heartbreaking indeed.

A Good Samaritan found her, but was unable to keep her and had it not been for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC answering a plea for help late Wednesday night, Olivia would have been taken to an animal shelter where, because of her severe injuries, would have been humanely euthanized.

“Someone put her here on purpose. She’s critically injured and can hardly walk,”  stated Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC non-profit organization. “She’s in pain and needs our help. We suspect she was hit be a car and that means broken bones, broken pelvis requiring thousands of $ in surgery,” Jackie posted on the group’s social media page.

Check out the video of Olivia when she was discovered. How could anyone be so heartless as to just leave an injured dog alone as she cried out in pain?

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