He Saw A “Dead” Dog In The Road. When He Carried Her Away From Traffic, A Miracle Happened!

A white spot appears on the road in front of you, as you get closer you see it is a dog lying motionless in the road! What do you do? David Loop, stopped his car in the middle of a Los Angeles road to check on her; everyone thought she was dead. As David turned to leave, she moved!

He quickly picked her up and rushed her to the veterinarian. The dog had a broken femur that was causing her so much pain, she was crying. She was unwilling to eat and was covered in ticks. The dog was named Miracle because no one thought she would pull through. The doctors gave her a feeding tube, and she went home with David.

Take a look at this video:

Miracle was given a safe home and a lot of love during her recovery. Talk about being the in the right place at the right time! Share away, people.

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