Scared and Skittish Dog Transforms, Now Asks Strangers to Pet Him

I rescued Arctic one year ago through Wisconsin Adopt a Golden Retriever. He came to me shy, scared, and skittish because he had been abused and most likely abandoned. He wouldn’t let anyone touch him, he wasn’t socialized with other dogs or people, and he didn’t know how to play with toys.

After taking him to the dog park for a while, he now loves to run and wrestle with other dogs, allows people to pet him, even goes up to people to be petted, and he is learning how to play with toys.

It makes me smile that he has come such a long way in a year’s time. He is so happy now! Seeing Arctic happy and playing with other dogs makes my heart sing. Arctic is a sweet, kind, and loving boy, and I am so happy that we found each other. The pictures I have attached are a few of my favorites.

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