Scared Dog Never Wagged Her Tail — Until Her Foster Dad Built Her A Bedroom

Rocky Kanaka was at the shelter when they picked up the bed, and this little dog came running out. She was completely terrified. Blossom was rescued from a hoarding situation along and taken to the shelter along with 150 other dogs, and she was afraid of everything. She didn’t know how to act like a dog.

Rocky had been fostering dogs for years, but nothing could prepare him for this. Getting Blossom out of the shelter and into a home didn’t do the trick. She’d mentally shut down and couldn’t even function. A couple of weeks started turning into months, and she still couldn’t stop shaking. Everything was a first for her.

Blossom was afraid of the grass on her feet, sunlight, and making eye contact. She would run and hide under the table and just sit in the corner for days. So Rocky decided instead of making her get out of her hiding spot, he would remove the table and build her a little bedroom in its place. From there, a lot of firsts started happening.

Blossom started to allow hand-feeding, and she finally drank water from a bowl after seeing her foster sibling do so. This was a huge step. After two months, Blossom even jumped up on the couch to sit next to her foster dad! Then one day, she went outside and ran around wagging her tail for the first time ever. 🙂

The three-year-old dog has come such a long way, and she’s ready for a forever home thanks to Rocky Kanaka’s hard work!

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