Scared Dog Wakes Up Rescuer In Middle Of Night To Thank Her

Rescuing animals can be rewarding, just ask Kimberley Slown. Slown has rescued hundreds of dogs with her organization Arrow Dog Rescue. This past week, Slown brought home a beat up dog named Niya. Niya had been abandoned by her former owner and was living at the Gibson County Animal Shelter in Trenton, Tennessee.


Slown could tell that Niya had been hurt by someone, she had a gash above her eye that looked like a mark from a tool.


The wound on Niya’s nose meant someone had used a can as a muzzle. Niya was too terrified to move at the shelter, her tail tucked tightly between her legs.


Once at Slown’s house, Niya hid in the corner and slept all night. Niya continued to sleep the following day and almost the entire night.


It was during that second night that Slown was awakened by warm breath on her hand.


It was Niya.


Slown said she immediately started to pet and talk to the dog. Niya sort of smiled and leaned in.


A few moments later, Niya returned to her bed. Niya still has a long road to recovery, she has whipworms and hookworms.


But Niya has come out of her shell a little bit more for Slown and her wife, Terri. Here Niya sort of smiles on her way back from the vet.


A slight wag of her tail as Niya sees a friend. Follow Niya’s progress on Arrow Dog Rescue’s Facebook page. She will be ready for adoption in a few months. Share away, people!

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