Scared and neglected pit bulls were brought in, only to give them this life-changing moment

This is the story of two pit bulls named Bridget and Louie as they were brought into Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Both the dogs had been through the worst as they had an extreme case of mange and they had gotten dangerously skinny. It was clear that they didn’t have a place to live and hence got no or little food over the time. They had seen the neglect all their life so they clung to each other when they got help.

They couldn’t even identify the help and got scared and the vet examined them and learned that they had been neglected for a long time. Possibly by a dog fighter as their teeth were fixed up but they helped the dog and removed their wire collars. They were sent to live with a foster family and they fell in love with their owners. Their life took an amazingly good turn and now they love to take sunbath, long walks and have made a lot of friends.







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