Scarred by Abuse, Dog Freezes and Urinates in Fear at the Sound of Human Voice

Many animals suffer unimaginable atrocities at the hands of humans, experiences that crush their spirits, thrust them into despair, and make them fear the very beings who have caused them such pain. Regrettably, this was the situation for Gia, a poor puppy who had been subjected to the worst sort of mistreatment by her “family” and came to the shelter in a state of terror.

When Gia arrived at a small rural shelter in Texas, it was evident that she had health issues. She would cower in a corner, visibly scared, and her body would tremble even more when a human approached. She couldn’t bear to be touched; any attempt at physical contact would cause her to urinate in fear and freeze in place. Her behavior was a testament to the harsh abuse she had suffered at the hands of her previous owner.

She had been chained to a tree and tormented by her owner, the very person who should have showered her with love. The physical and psychological violence she endured shattered her spirit and robbed her of the playful energy that used to define her. Her needs surpassed what the small shelter could offer. Thankfully, DallasDogRRR, a group specialized in handling some of the toughest rescue cases, stepped in. They are committed to healing dogs like Gia through a regime of love, patience, and kindness.

Presently, Gia resides at the Dallas Dog Shelter and has been showing encouraging progress. Although she still retreats under her bed at the sight of humans, she has managed to control her involuntary response of urinating in their presence. It may be a challenging journey for her to trust humans again, but the volunteers at the shelter are hopeful. However, Gia’s interaction with other animals is entirely different. She enjoys romping around with her canine companions at the shelter, assured in their company, knowing they bear her no harm. In their midst, she seems content.

To help Gia conquer her fear of humans, the organization decided to place her in a temporary foster home with a specialist experienced in dealing with traumatized dogs. Here, she will live alongside her new family, learning that she is finally safe and that no one will ever harm her again.

Her new foster mother understands that Gia is not ready to socialize with humans yet. However, the hope is that the pure-hearted companionship of another dog may coax her out of her shell.

“Gia is home. She hasn’t moved from the crate she was transported in. She is terrified; she doesn’t shake anymore, but she’s still not ready to leave that spot. However

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