Science Seeks Answer to Why Dogs Chase Their Tails


Does your dog chase their tail?  Do they tire themselves out spinning in place, or end up spinning in one direction too fast for too lang?  Well, your dog is not alone.  A study taking place at Bristol University in the UK, and after viewing dogs that DO chase their own tails, researchers are looking for dogs that seem to barely notice they have one at all.

The Bristol Spinning Dog Project, as the study is titled, are now in the process of taking data from non-spinners.  There are 50 in total, and they will be taking various measurements and collecting various samples for study.  The dogs will also undergo some light training to assess the animals ability to learn.


Of course, all dogs that will be taking part in the study have been promised to be covered in treats for helping advance the causes of science.  The human family members won’t be receiving a big check at the end of the study.  They will however know what it’s like to have helped man answer an age old question.

So no matter what the reasons are for your dog when it comes to why chase one’s own tail, we will finally know what’s in it for the dogs.  Is it really down to simple self-entertainment?  Or do they realize that it makes their humans laugh, which in turn gets both attention from their human and the occasional snack doesn’t hurt things either?  No matter why, it’s still a darn funny thing to see.


Included below is a compilation of some of the best tail chasers captured on video.  Do any of these dogs remind you of any dogs you know?  Do you have funny pictures of videos of your dog chasing their tail?  Share it with us, and your dog could be a featured video!  Remember to check out, and our Facebook page at for more on our furry best buds!

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