Scott Van Pelt Pays Tribute To His Late Dog On ESPN

Losing a dog is one of the toughest things we experience as pet owners. No one wants to say goodbye to their furry family members, but the sad reality is that most dogs have significantly shorter lifespans than their owners. So, loss is inevitable.

But just because we have to say goodbye, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t enjoy pets and their place in our lives. The grief we face when losing a pet is definitely worth getting to have and care for them.

It’s something dog owners have to come to terms with, including dog owners in the public eye like ESPN sportscaster Scott Van Pelt.

Pelt sadly said goodbye to his best friend, Otis, on April 27, 2022.

Scott announced the news of Otis’ passing on Twitter, writing:

“Crushed to share that we had to say goodbye to Otis The Dog. Truly the most special friendship and bond of my entire lifetime. He was an absolute King. Love on your good boys and good girls with all your might – every day that you can. There aren’t ever enough of them.”

Beyond that, he made a heartfelt tribute to his sweet dog during the SportsCenter show’s “One Big Thing.” In the segment, Scott recalled the powerful role that Otis had in his life and the lives of his family members.

In the tribute, he said:

“The simplest explanation I suppose, for any of this, is…that the best part of this life is loving anything. And you do it even knowing the hardest part which is that, somewhere in the equation, inevitably, there will be loss, and the weight of this one is immense. Because he was the corner puzzle piece, so much of what mattered to our family.”

He continued, saying, “Nothing we do could earn what our dogs give away to us for free. That level of love and loyalty. So many of you know what I am talking about. I’ve read countless moving tributes through the years about what your bonds meant and what made your dogs unique. I always felt badly for you but I had no idea honestly and I wish I didn’t know now.”

Check out the full tribute in the video below:

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