I Have Seen Many First Time Howl, But This One Will Melt Your Heart!

What a heart melter! This is something else. When you see this little guy trying as hard as he can to expand those little lungs and bark—which turned out to be a howl you can almost picture a human baby. It’s really no different! Nature is a sensational thing, the way it puts in order the things each species must learn first to survive. Watching this cute little guy is watching a miracle. He doesn’t even know why he’s doing it, he just knows he feels like doing it. You can tell she loves company, the same instinct we have.

It’s interesting when you have a baby of any kind. They all seem to have the same instincts like barking or crying and in this case wanting the attention of what they believe is mom and dad. It’s also interesting that we don’t realize since they don’t take notice of their species they really do have a connection with us that is like a child. It wants to be picked up and held and it expects us to feed it but a dog like this will have a different bark for everything. This one yelps and howls like this when she is put in a crib and thinks it’s alone!

[youtube id=”tfjKdKq5Gko”]

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