Selfish Owner Ran Off As 1st Responders Work To Bring Puppy Back To Life

When a sweet puppy, named Willow, was out with her owner, a truck tragically hit her. The impact was serious but the puppy was still alive! She needed immediate medical intervention but she didn’t quite understand that. Nor did she understand why she was suddenly all alone.

Willow was gravely injured and scared from the accident. She sought refuge beneath a car and refused to come out. First responders on the scene weren’t just upset by her condition; they were sickened by the fact that her owner left her there. Her owner decided she wasn’t worth the cost of veterinary care and took off.

A local rescue group heard about Willow and offered to help as much as possible. They met the pup at the vet clinic. The doctor was concerned about the severity of her wounds. Her injuries were extensive and he wasn’t sure if he could save her life. The vet said if she survived the night then he would do all he could.

Willow woke up the next morning, like the warrior she is, and showed the vet that she wasn’t ready to give up. The rescue group was so happy that the puppy made it through. Now they had to worry about the costs. Her treatment would be expensive but, hopefully, through donations, they’d work it out. Willow needed IVs, pain management, and multiple surgeries.

Amazingly, despite being in pain, Willow never stopped smiling. Even with casts on her legs, painful wounds, and a cone around her neck, she greeted every volunteer, clinic worker, and rescuer as if they were all her best friends for life. Willow’s recovery wasn’t going to be simple but she was so worth it!

Just wait until you see Willow’s tenacity and strength firsthand. She has gone through so much, yet she continues to persevere! See her rescue story below!

Source: Paw Rescue, Willow’s Story

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