Senior Border Collie Has Been Waiting 100 Days At U.K. Rescue For Someone To Adopt Him

Marley is an active senior collie who is searching for a country home to spend his golden years. But just like many senior dogs, he is being overlooked for younger dogs.

He was surrendered to the U.K. rescue, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, when his previous owners could no longer care for him. The lonely dog has been patiently waiting over 100 days for a forever home.

Marley is a typical collie and loves tennis balls. The rescue says he “could play all day if given the chance.”

The average stay for dogs at the rescue is 34 days and poor Marley is over three times that. The staff is determined to find him the perfect home and encourages adopters to give him the chance he deserves.

“Marley doesn’t have many years ahead of him, so we’re really hoping someone will soon come forward and enjoy the time that he does have left,” stated Rebecca Lodder, welfare manager at the rescue.

The senior fella will need a home without children and where he is the only pet. “Being in his golden years, Marley likes to have all of your attention to himself and so is really looking to be the only dog in his future household,” said Lodder.

While he may be 10 years old, he still acts like a puppy and would love a yard to play in. He promises to love you unconditionally and just asks the same in return.

When he is not chasing or playing with a ball, the senior pup loves to cuddle. “The saying goes that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but here at Battersea we know that a dog’s age is all part of their unique character.”

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