Senior Boxer Dumped at Kill Shelter Given Rescue of a Lifetime


Ten years old, severely emaciated, terrified of human touch and then dumped at a high kill shelter to be euthanized. This was the ending that Tequila was facing yesterday as her owners signed her life away and left her to die alone. Until a kind shelter staff member (who I’m going to stop taking calls from! Lol) stepped in to change that. Tequila’s old life of fear and heartache was over, but she doesn’t know that yet. Every sound, noise, stiff breeze causes her to panic.

She spent the first 24 hours running away from all people and only interacting with our wonderful friend Lori’s pack (who no questions asked took her in until her foster dad could get her the next day- thank you Lori!). Matt, even knowing she was old, highly afraid, wobbly, and pretty much imperfect in every way, wanted nothing more than to bring her home and show her a good time. In fact, he had been waiting for a senior boxer like her, one who needed him and who most would look right past without a thought.We wish we could have 1500000 Matts, kind and compassionate with a huge heart. Well, Tequila must have known, because with some gentle words and touch, Tequila was soon in his lap, and not long after gave her very first kiss. Was one of the most wonderful things to see.


The purpose of this fundraiser is to make sure we have everything covered for everything Tequila could need, both now and in the future (she has a few lumps that need [to be] biopsied, she may need some teeth worked on, as they seem uncomfortable, and she’s obviously in dire physical shape). We want to make sure that anything she could want or need is ready and waiting for her. We have ten years to make up for with whatever time she graces us with. Please help us to make sure Tequila can live out her life in comfort and peace in the arms of her new foster dad!

Our sweet Tequila Rose went for her first vet visit yesterday (she was far, far too traumatized to do it the first few days). Tequila is blind in one eye and it does not appear to be due to old age, and we feel it’s very recent. I’m sure it amplified how scared she was too because she couldn’t see it coming. Her blood work, however… perfect. Which is wonderful, but also infuriating.  [It] just validates that every bit of the garbage her owners told when they surrendered her for euthanasia was a flat lie. Not that we didn’t already know…


We’re making an appointment with one of the best eye specialists around to see if anything can be done for that eye. I think it would make a tremendous difference for her if we could recover even a bit of sight but it’ll be a long shot. Definitely worth trying, though! Please chip in for our old girl. She suffered through 10 years of misery and now we all need to band together to make sure the rest of her time is amazing! She actually snuggles with her foster dad now… amazing progress for the dog who wouldn’t even approach a person on Sunday and would shake with fear! I think she just loves her daddy.



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