Senior Chocolate Labrador Retriever Abandoned On Christmas Eve Continues To Wait For A Home

A senior dog, abandoned in the cold on Christmas Eve, continues to wait for a home of his own. The chocolate Labrador retriever, named Rudy, is 11 years of age and his prior owner dumped him because of “frustration” with the dog’s age-related behavior and health issues, reports ABC 27 News.

Rudy is currently in a foster home in Exton, Pennsylvania through the Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue. On January 24, when Rudy first arrived to the rescue group, a bit of information was released to the agency’s Facebook followers:

The shelter named him Santa because he came in on Dec. 24th, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be getting a new moniker once his foster home gets to know him! He takes a bit of time to warm up to people, but he knows sit, down, paw, and car ride so he must have lived with someone who took the time to teach him. He loooooves popcorn chicken as his transporter, Brian, found out today.

His current foster home shares more insight to the senior dog’s personality, writing from Rudy’s perspective:

“I love my crate for shorter periods of time and always find yummy surprises in there. I love to spend time in my fenced in yard smelling the air and watching the birds. I love being with people after I am given a chance to sniff them out. I am working on saying hello to strangers. I practice every morning and night on my walks. I have lots of love in me. I am looking for someone who spends most of their time hanging out at home and wants a best buddy to be by their side.”

If you are interested in giving this older boy a loving home, you can reach out to the rescue group on Facebook here.

Find Rudy’s profile at the rescue group’s website here.

According to the news agency, Rudy’s prior owner pleaded guilty to charges stemming from the dog’s abandonment.

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