Senior Dog Ditched By Owner After 14 Years Of Friendship. 2 Hours Later, The Biggest Shocker Happens!

Ox, a magnificent dog, was left homeless at the Humane Society for Hamilton County. The reason for his abandonment was simply put: allergies. His owner’s new significant other was deathly allergic to fur… Particularly dog fur.

Ox had no other recourse but to accept his new station in life. Hanging his head in utter despair, this loyal animal believed that his fortune now lay in absolute loneliness.

Luckily, news of his tragic circumstances spread like a brush fire across the Internet. Animal lovers united and pledged to find Ox a decent and caring home.

See how the life of Ox is turned around by the internet, YOU people who so deeply care about animals. So glad to see him get a new lease on life even if it’s just for another year or two.

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Ox is now living happily ever after, under the careful gaze of dog-lover Lee Ann and her amazing family.

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