Senior Dog Falls 23 Feet Into A Utility Manhole And Lives Thanks To Rescuers

If there is one thing we know about dogs, it’s the fact that they enjoy treats. This is especially true of labrador retrievers who will do almost anything to get a treat.

Sometimes, dogs will even get themselves into some mischief in order to taste something delicious, and it seems as if a senior labrador retriever found herself in such a situation.

The 14-year-old labrador’s name is Tess, and her human, Larry Beutler described what happened when speaking with a local news station.

He said she walked up to the manhole, expecting a treat, and disappeared over the edge.

He admitted to the outlet it was shocking to see the dog disappear in the hole, so he quickly called his wife to tell her about it. She said it was absurd after learning about the problems her dog was having. She said that they had gone through a life-threatening thing before Christmas so she was wondering what else could happen.

Fortunately, Portland Fire and Rescue was there to pull her out of the hole.

They used an Arizona Vortex, a special type of pulley system, to get Tess up and safe. Although she had been underground for almost an hour, she wasn’t injured because her fall was cushioned by leaves.

Everyone who was watching from a distance cheered when they pulled Tess back to the surface again. You can watch her rescue in the video below:

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