Senior Dog Returned To Rescue For Wanting To Sleep In Bed With Parents

Animal rescues have heard every reason for why people are unable to keep their pets, but rarely do people return a pet for wanting to sleep with them in bed.

True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission in Venice, Florida, saves seniors and “unwanted” dogs from high kill shelters and finds them loving homes.

A Chihuahua mix named Twinkle was adopted four months ago into what was supposed to be her forever home. The sweet pup was on her best behavior and showered her new family with love and affection, but was returned to the shelter when she wanted to share their bed.

Prior to being adopted, the senior pup was found on the streets of Miami in desperate need of medical care. She arrived at the rescue missing most of her fur due to a terrible skin infection, had mammary tumors that needed to be removed, and severe dental issues.

The tiny dog weighing just 3.5 pounds received all the treatment she needed and was excited to spend her golden years in a loving home.

The rescue shared on TikTok the unbelievable reason why the well-behaved dog was returned. “Twinkle was returned to our rescue after 4 months because she wanted to sleep in bed with her new mommy and daddy.”

Twinkle is once again looking for a loving home but this time her new family must allow her to sleep in bed. Aside from the countless benefits of sharing your bed with your dog, you get to wake up to their adorable face every morning.

Cuddling in bed is one of the perks of owning a pet and most people cannot get enough of it.

Other dog parents shared that their dogs share (or hog) the bed and they wouldn’t have it any other way. One wrote, “My chihuahua wants to sleep on my head most nights…that’s what being a chi mom and dad is all about! Poor Twinkle 😢”.

Another viewer said it perfectly, “That’s where dogs sleep!!”

The rescue urged people to share Twinkle’s video to help her find her “real forever” home…and it worked! Her adoption is pending for a home where she will share the bed with her new humans and siblings.

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