Senior Dog Surprises Veteran With Her Zest For Life

Ginger is a career Army Reservist and part of a pet-loving family. Thanks to the most recent grant Pets for Patriots received from, Ginger adopted a 14-year-old dog who faced a grim fate. While Willow was in the care of a “no kill” shelter, she faced the prospect of terminal homelessness and spending her final months or years without a family to call her own.

Like many veterans in Pets for Patriots’ program who open their hearts and homes to senior pets, Ginger has learned that Willow has a tremendous spirit and a zest for life. In one of their many post-adoption follow-ups she shares how Willow is adapting to her new life as a beloved member of Ginger’s family:

“Willow has opened up incredibly. She was shy and timid. She still pouts when her picture is taken, and sometimes she still hides from lacrosse sticks, but she is always smiling, tail wagging, and comes when called. I couldn’t have asked for a better dog, and I wouldn’t change a thing about her. Seriously she is perfectly house trained, hasn’t chewed or scratched anything, rarely talks or barks, loves people and other animals. She LOVES walks and apparently [likes] most meats and cheese!”

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