Senior Dog Waiting For A Home Really Does Hope Age Is Just A Number

Daisy spent her life being loved and cared for by a wonderful family. Unfortunately, her owner developed health issues that left her unable to properly care for Daisy, and she had no choice but to surrender the senior dog to the RSPCA.

Daisy hasn’t been in the care of the RSPCA for very long, but she’s already struggling to cope with shelter life. As a senior dog who had a home her whole life, the adjustment has been particularly tough for her, and everyone at the shelter is hoping they can find her a new home very soon.

“We really want to get beautiful Daisy out of a kennel environment as soon as possible as she’s finding it really difficult and it’s very sad seeing a senior dog spending this point of their life in a rescue centre,” Cyan Hulland, an administrator at the RSPCA’s Hillfield Animal Home, said in a press release. “Because she’s finding it tough in her kennel, she’s been spending some time helping us out behind reception where she rolls around the floor like a puppy. She’s such an affectionate dog and has clearly been very loved, and we know she will make a fantastic and rewarding companion for whoever welcomes her into their life.”

Daisy may be almost 13 years old, but she often acts like she’s still a puppy. While she does need a lot of rest, she also loves to play. She’s the perfect balance of old soul and young at heart, and just needs a family who’s willing to give her a chance.

“She’s just the sweetest character who lights up around people — all she wants to do is shower you with kisses and cuddles,” Hulland said. “Apart from a dental check-up when she arrived, she’s in remarkably good health; she’s definitely young at heart and doesn’t act like a dog who will be 13 in a few months’ time.”

Daisy is looking for a home where she’ll be the only pet with a family who won’t be gone for more than a few hours at a time. She can live with children as long as they understand that she’s a senior lady who is going to need her space from time to time. Other than that, she’s looking for a family who can look past her age and see her for the incredible dog that she is.

Daisy’s perfect home is out there, and she can’t wait to get there so she can continue to live out her golden years in peace.

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