Senior Dogs Dumped At Shelters To Die Alone Are Rescued, Thanks To A Kind-Hearted Woman

Senior dogs are mostly overlooked at shelters. Older dogs deserve to live their final days surrounded by people who love them. Senior dogs still have a lot of love to give and are a perfect fit for a relaxed lifestyle. They do not deserve to be abandoned and to die alone.

Kim Skarritt decided that something needed to be done to help the old and sick dogs. She was tired of hearing the stories about people surrendering their senior dogs, or just abandoning them on the street to fend for themselves. She founded Silver Muzzle Cottage, a Michigan rescue organization, that rescues seniors, and terminally ill dogs from shelters and lets them live their final days in glory. It is a hospice for senior dogs.

The dogs that are constantly looked over and passed by are the ones that the rescue adopts. They believe that no dog should have to spend their final days afraid and in a cold kennel. They were once a family pet, and now they are left alone when they need their family the most.

Over 70 dogs have been rescued by the organization. All dogs that come to the cottage have a safe and loving home for the remainder of their lives. The volunteers make sure that all the dogs get to live life to the fullest. Depending on the dog, some will go for daily hikes, a swim in the lake, or a nap in a comfy bed. Whatever the dog’s heart desires is what the volunteers do. There is no shortage of love and kisses for the dogs.

A video was comprised about the amazing work the rescue is doing for senior dogs. Watch the touching video below.

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