Senior Hound Adopted After Waiting 7 Years At North Carolina Shelter

Mitch arrived as an emaciated stray dog seven years ago at Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society, a no-kill animal shelter in Jackson County, North Carolina. They never gave up hope that one day he would find a loving home.

Staff and volunteers showered the sweet hound with love and attention as he waited for someone to give him a chance. The years passed by, but Mitch remained hopeful that one day he would meet his person.

The laid-back fella was spoiled with Thanksgiving feasts and Christmas presents but one thing was missing – a family of his own.

His caretakers said, “Mitch is a sweet dog who loves stuffed toys and a warm blanket to sleep on. He will love you unconditionally as long as you are not a cat, a chicken, a small child, and if you are a male he would prefer that you please remove your hat. He is a great dog who also enjoys having a canine companion to play with and share dog stories of the good ol’ days. Mitch’s ideal family would be an older couple with another dog and a fenced-in yard.”

The shelter posted a video of the gentle yet stubborn senior dog on TikTok in hopes that it would catch the attention of a family who would give Mitch a home to enjoy his golden years.

And it worked!

The 12-year-old hound was adopted by Teresa, a retired gym teacher, and her husband. She told local news WLOS she cried when she watched the video, the first and second time. She prayed about it and when they decided to adopt him, she said they “couldn’t get up there fast enough to get him”.

Mitch is so happy to be out of the shelter and spends his days roaming around his yard, taking naps in the sun on the porch, and doing “whatever he wants”.

Senior dogs are often passed by because of their age. Teresa said she adopted Mitch knowing that she may not have years with him but did it for his happiness. “It’s not about me, it’s about Mitch. He needed a home and thankfully we can provide that for him.”

Please consider adopting an older dog or cat who have just as much love to give as puppies and kittens.

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