Sergeant The Bulldog – Extreme Sports Athlete And Plus Size Model

When you think about bulldogs, you think about chunky little wiggle butts that don’t do much but sit around all day looking all wrinkly and cute? Well, you’d be partially right, but they have more to them than that! Meet English Bully Sergeant – he has over 138k followers on Instagram, and a self professed extreme sports athlete and plus size model of the gold coast.

On his Instagram, you can follow all of his adventures from car rides to beach days in flip flops and sombreros.

With a name like Sergeant, you would think he’s a big ol’ scary muscle machine of a dog, but this lovable chunky guy is anything but scary. From his drooling, oversized lips to his sassy poses and richly vibrant personal life, this little bully is a bundle of joy, and a blessing to all of our feeds.

His extreme sporting shots also show off his strong curves and his face has such a carefree grin in every shot, we know this guy really adores his athletic lifestyle and is the best argument for strong > skinny.

He’s a clear advocate for fighting plus size stereotypes, and that all bulldogs do is laze around! There’s more to a bully’s life than just that, and Sarge makes that very clear in his pics.

This cutie enjoys adventures lime motorbiking (with a helmet, of course), chilling on his skateboard with wheels, boxing, jet skiing (otherwise known as bully boarding) with the most adorable customized life jacket ever.

His snack time is pretty epic as well. You can catch him sitting on the couch on his cheat days, nomming on various doggie treats with remote in hand. We wonder what his favorite TV show is! With a life of such adventure, you’re bound to get tired out and need some downtime.

You can even catch him hanging with Instagram’s other fan favourite Bully personalities for the cutest playdate of all time.

Also, his car selfie game is on fire. That tongue wagging, those perfect wrinkles and that barrel of a belly…this dog is honestly more photogenic than most of us. Car rides are the best times for self reflection and feeling like there’s an industrial fan on you, supermodel style, and Sergeant proves this to the max.

His humans Dan and Kristen never imagined that Sergeant’s resounding internet fame would come when they adopted him a few years ago. They weren’t social media pros, but they perfected the art for their baby. But when a star is meant to be a star, you have to let them live in the spotlight!

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