Service Dog Comforts Stressed And Exhausted ER Doctors And Nurses Fighting Against COVID-19

It has been proven that dogs reduce our stress levels and given the challenging times we are facing due to COVID-19, we all need a dog in our lives.

Susan Ryan, an ER doctor in Denver, Colorado, is on the front lines battling the coronavirus, but she is not alone. Along with the other doctors and nurses, her loyal service dog in training, Wynn, goes to work with her everyday.

Wynn, a one-year-old Labrador Retriever, is a service dog in training for Canine Companions, an organization that gives free service dogs to children, adults, and veterans with disabilities. Ryan has raised Wynn since she was a pup and been training her for the past year.

Wynn is no stranger to the staff or the hospital but her services are needed now more than ever. Katie Basdekas, an EMT, commented, “I’ve met Wynn before!! She’s such a sweet pup and the doc is so amazing for what she does. She let me (I’m an EMT) hold on to her a few times while she was busy.”

While Ryan is busy treating patients, Wynn stays in an office waiting to do her job, comfort the hospital staff. “She comes to the ER and stays within our social workers’ inner office, so no one touches her but staff can wash up and have a moment with her,” wrote Ryan in a submission to The Dogist. “She has saved us because we are very stressed and anxious. Sometimes too busy to be scared.”

Dr. Ryan urges people to stay safe by acting like they have the virus. “My wish for everyone would be that they not worry about getting a test and just presume themselves positive and consider every surface potentially contaminated and act accordingly. It just means physical distance, wash before and after touching anything.”

Wynn also wants everyone to stay safe and puts it very simply, “Sit. Stay. It’s just not that hard people.”

The doctor concluded her post with, “We can find comfort in each other when we know I have your back and you have mine.”

The superheroes were praised by thousands of people for their hard work. One person wrote, “Thank you so much for being on the frontlines of this health crisis. We appreciate everything that healthcare workers are doing. Thank God for dogs, they are the angels that get us through tough times. Thank you and take care of yourself.”

Another said, “Wynn is the bestest girl ❤️ Thank you for everything you are doing, Doctors, Nurses and Doggos 💕”.

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