Service Dog Fetches Meds to Stop a Breakdown

Info from Licensor: “A golden retriever who is a service dog in training, notices that her handler is becoming silent and isolating himself, with his knees pulled up, covering his face, and not moving. She is trained to recognize his warning signs before an anger episode, and started to lick and nuzzle his face, attempting to snap him out of his emotionless state. He pets her but does not move from the position. She glances at the bottle of ‘mood stabilizer’ medication on the shelf to the right of him, before getting up and running over to grab the meds and bring them back. The boy looks at her and takes the bottle, taking a pill. He then asks her to apply ‘Deep Pressure Therapy’ to his legs, and she does, lying across them. He then pets her and smiles and she excitedly jumps up and nibbles his nose. He laughs and said ‘You bit my nose!’ and it is obvious that he is coming out of the unwanted mental state that he was just in.”

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