Service dogs work to improve our lives every day and K-9 officer risk their lives to protect our own

We know working/service dogs are trained to help us in many ways. Some dogs are trained to detect explosives or illegal drugs, while other have a keen nose to sniff out cancer, sugar spikes or possible seizures. Well, there is a new kind of K-9 graduates, one that can sniff out child pornography.


How is this possible you ask? Well, child pornographers love to hide their porn stash between walls, underneath floors or by camouflaging it inside everyday common objects. Most of the pornography is stored electronically in SD cards, thumb drives and hard drives, and these devices use a common adhesive. The new age of sniffer dogs are trained to follow the scent of the adhesive, find the hidden evidence, and therefore identify the person in question as a child predator.

KHOU spoke with Texas’ Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable and he said child pornographers are getting more creative when it comes to hiding their porn. It has become harder to find the electronic files, but thanks to the sniffer dogs, the child pornographers continue to be apprehended and placed where they belong, behind bars.

Tyler Dunman, Chief Prosecutor for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office said that in the recent hi-profile child porn case of former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, finding the hidden storage drives was a challenge, but thanks to the sniffer dogs, the evidence was found.

“(Investigators) went in and collected things and didn’t find what they were looking for, and that’s when they called in this canine dog to come in and assist and on the second round he found the devices that they were looking for,” said Dunman.

The pornography sniffer dogs are not used across the entire nation, but their effectiveness has proven that investing in the specialty K-9 officers is an investment worth making.

Service dogs work to improve our lives every day and K-9 officer risk their lives to protect our own, now the porn sniffer dogs are helping us protect the future and the innocence of children.

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