They Set Up A Camera To Record Their Dog When They Aren’t Home, But They Didn’t Expect THIS… Wow!

The last straw was when they noticed that Lucy was trying to climb into the oven and steal their family dinner, while it was still cooking. They decided it was high time for a nanny cam. After taking a moment to check out the footage, one fact has become abundantly clear: Lucy is one heck of a climber.

While her attempts at sneaking food out of the kitchen were ham-fisted at best, even the most skeptical viewer must begrudgingly admit that she is a very skilled climber. Videos like this serve to refute the allegations that dogs are clumsy, stupid creatures. To pull off the kind of feats that Lucy does, a dog has to be intelligent and skilled. It is plain to see that she is used to pulling off these stunts on a regular basis.

Want to see what Lucy does when her owners have headed out for the day? Then watch this video until its conclusion, so that you can enjoy the nanny cam footage as much as her owners did.

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