He Setup a Night Vision Camera To Document His Dog’s Daily Routine. Hilarious!

They say dogs are the most effective alarm clocks; and I totally agree! There’s no other alarm clock in the world that wakes you up with slobbery kisses and sweet doggy whimpers. And they say this alarm clock has no snooze button. But it turns out, some of them actually do!

A guy set up his night vision camera to document his dog’s daily routine. In the video, you’ll see a Pit Bull trying to wake her human up. It’s almost 5 am, and her human is not ready to get up just yet. She’s told to go back to bed, so she leaves him to sleep for a while. After a couple of minutes, she tries to wake him up again. Just like an alarm clock’s snooze button! But once again, she’s told to go back to bed cos it’s still too early. Finally, after 20 minutes, she comes back and wakes him up for the last time. And when her human is finally up, she happily greets him good morning! Watch the adorable video below!

Awwww…what a sweet dog! I love this alarm clock! And I love the fact that she sort of has a “snooze button”!

Does your dog wake you up every morning? Tell us how your dogs wake you up by leaving a comment below!

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