Shar Pei Who Ran Away From Home Because He Was Neglected Gets Rescued

An elderly Shar Pei named Wally wandered onto a vacant lot, unable to see or smell because his face was so swollen. Fortunately for him, a kind person spotted him and knew about Hope For Paws, who called for help.

After getting the kindly dog to the vet, the rescuers learned Wally had pneumonia and he had a microchip, so they immediately called his owners. They were dismayed to learn that Wally had lived outside where kids threw firecrackers at him, which made him constantly run away.

But when they confronted the owner about Wally’s poor health and condition she yelled at them and told them she “didn’t want that old dog anyway”.

“Nothing could make us happier than Wally starting a new life,” Hope For Paws writes. And that’s exactly what Wally did thanks to Lionel’s Legacy. Watch the video to see where Wally ends up.

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