She Brought Her Senior, Deaf Dog To A Rock Show But Never Expected Him To Do This

Puppies are really cute and irresistible. But old dogs are just as cute too. Here at IHeartDogs, we believe that old is beautiful. There are so many things to love about old dogs. They are extremely sweet and they have years of experience when it comes to loyalty and friendship.

In the video below, you will see an 17-year-old dog who’s so lovable and fun! Who says old deaf dogs can’t jive with a rock show? This lady brought her senior deaf dog to a rock show, and her dog’s reaction will tell you that no one is too old to enjoy a good walk and some good rocking music! When they got to the area, the dog started to dance around. He’s definitely having a great time! Watch the video below and see how this senior doggy rocks!

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