She Guarded His ‘Shaking’ Body While They Tried To Beat Him All Over Again

Unfortunately, animal abuse is something that still exists in this world. However, there are so many heroes who are fighting it and saving helpless animals who do not have a voice. This is one of those stories, but we promise a happy ending. Please meet Souki, this is his story!

This dog was beaten to within an inch of his life for no reason. A woman heard his cries and came running over. She gave him a blanket and reported the incident to the local animal rescue service. When the abusers returned to beat the dog again, she was forced to put herself in danger.

She guarded him with her life until help came. They even assaulted her for getting involved. But she didn’t care. The poor dog continued to yelp. Thankfully, rescuers arrived promptly to rescue him from his suffering. They called him Souki. He doesn’t understand what’s going on, and he’s in a lot of pain; thus, he gnashes his teeth and attempts to bite his rescuers when they approach him.

There was no time to wait for the veterinarian the next day, so they had to wait. They give him pain medication and antibiotics in the meantime. For the moment, he is a bit more comfortable. Souki is able to get some shuteye. The vet comes over early the next morning. He does a complete examination. However, because Souki doesn’t want to be handled, it’s difficult. We completely understood.

Souki was subjected to a thorough examination by veterinarians, who found that he isn’t eating or drinking properly and is in terrible condition. His caregivers try to feed him after his assessment, but he refuses everything. He’s terrified and traumatized. He won’t make eye contact and looks down if you catch him staring at the wall. Poor little guy. Time passes, and Souki begins to realize that people around him aren’t like the abusers who hurt him before. Accepting soft but frequent stroking, he gradually begins opening up. Even though foster mom sleeps beside him every night.

Souki had a fractured spine and heartworm so the medical team began treatment to restore his health as much as possible. He must fully recover both body and spirit. Souki makes a unique friend who stays by his side for two-months. After this time passes, Souki is well enough to live fulltime in his foster home. He can sit and stand on his own now. His fur has grown in thickness and appearance, and he appears to be considerably happier. He’s such a brave youngster. Thank you to everyone who helped save him, as well as the kind lady who put her life on the line to defend him.

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