She Saw A Garbage Bag Move And What Was Inside Broke Her Heart


In Messina Italy, two women were walking along a dry riverbed when they saw a dumped trashbag moving. They immediately knew something alive is inside it. They even heard soft cries from inside the bag. They tore the bag open; and they were shocked and heartbroken with what they saw.

Inside the trashbag was a dog, with legs bound by an electrical wire. He was dumped near the river beside a dead calf. Linda Li, an animal rescuer was called to the scene. The dog had fly larvae all over him, and he had a lot of ticks all over his body.

The dog was in such a bad condition, he was immediately brought to the vet where they discovered that his hind legs were paralyzed. But even when he was such in a bad condition, the dog seemed to thank his rescuers by wagging his tail.


They named the dog Oliver! And because he had such a friendly and charming personality, it didn’t take long for him to find a loving owner, Dominique Mastroianni.


Oliver loves his new family! And he’s living quite a comfortable life!


And what makes this even better is that his legs are fine! Look at how handsome he is!

Thanks to the concern of some kind strangers, Oliver found a new lease in life.


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  1. monica

    These two women are hero.I hope they find the people did this it makes me mad they put this poor dog in this trash and the calf too.The vet help this beautiful dog to get well.Oliver she got a great family lots of love and kisses and she look so beautiful and very happy.I hope Oliver she get her justice when they found these monster what they did to her and the poor calf.

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