She Wants Her Baby To Say ‘Mama,’ But It’s The Dog You’ll Want To Pay Attention To

This video make me laugh out loud for real. It is just so amazing to be able to see videos like this one. It is amazing to see that while a mother was trying to teach her baby how to say MAMA, it is her dog that they need to pay attention to. The mother repeats for a couple of time MAMA so that the baby can understand it easily, but nothing ever happens. On the other hand their dog, the Australian Shepherd, is putting a little effort to make it possible.

The dog starts of whispering something, and the more the woman tries to teach her baby MAMA the more the dog tries to say it. He barks once as if he wants to say: “OMG I wanna say it, but it is a little bit difficult for me, but I will keep on trying.” And he really does tries.  Even though the video is short, it is enough time for the dog to learn a new word. As seconds pass by, he starts making sense on what he i saying, until in the end he finally says it: MAMA.

But then the baby starts getting jealous, and he wants to make the dog go away. The show was supposed to be for the baby, and the dog swooped in, and stole it from him. Well what is a dog to do. They want to be always active in every single situation. And that is one of them. SO sorry little baby, but this time the “learning a new word” award goes to the amazingly talented dog. Thank you both for the funny moments, and for the effort you put into learning this new word. You truly made our day a little brighter, and our smile a little louder. Enjoy the video below, and if you have an infant and a dog, then you can as well try this.

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