She Was Found In A Meat Market Just Before Being Butchered, But Now Look At Her

This is a story about Mary, a dog that was going to be sold at a meat market in Korea.

She was one of seven lucky dogs that were rescued from being sold as meat. Not every meat market dog in Korea is as fortunate as this Shiba Inu pup, who was flown to America and got to experience her very first bath.
This poor dog was going to be made into a meal…but now she has a chance at a happy life.

The dogs headed to the meat market were owner-surrendered, abandoned, found as strays, or were bred as meat.

Aniband, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Seoul, paid for the freedom of the dogs headed to the market. They were put into foster homes and are being treated, and once they are healthy, they will be sent to America, where Doggie Protective Services will find them homes.

What these organizations do for these dogs in need is amazing. If you’d like to support their efforts, please click here to donate

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