She Was Having A Breakdown, But When Her Dog Stepped In, I Was Blown Away

Living with Asperger’s can feel like walking through a minefield of triggers waiting to set you off without warning. Episodes of depression and self-harm can frequently overwhelm those navigating that tricky path, and they can lose sight of hope long enough to believe there is none to find.

When Danielle Jacobs was experiencing a bout of dark thoughts and began hurting herself, her therapy dog, Samson, was there to guide her back to calmness and peace. She trained him to recognize these moments of despair and filmed his reaction in order to show the world an honest glimpse into the life of someone with the disorder and just how much an amazing dog like Samson can make a difference.

The emotional video is hard to watch, but it’s so important for understanding mental health issues:

Jacobs is definitely in safe paws with her incredible pup. There are many others sharing her struggle who likely wouldn’t have the courage to show such a vulnerable moment to the world, but by opening the door to discussion, she is helping so many of them find their own path to peace.

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