Shelter Dog CANNOT Contain Her Excitement About Getting Adopted

Like human beings, all animals have their dreams too. And they also get happy and excited when any of their dreams come true. The biggest dream of dogs is to get a home where they will be loved, pampered and well catered for all their lives.


And Coso, the little shelter dog in the picture you are about to see is not an exception. She had a dream and the dream came true very soon, sooner than she expected. Coso was dropped off at a shelter by the family that owned her. They dropped her when they could not take care for her again.

I wonder what went wrong that they could no longer take care of such a beautiful dog. Anyway, that is of no importance now. What matters is that Coso has been happily adopted. After a while, the officials of an animal hospital took Coso in and took care of her.

This obviously gave her a better chance and not before long, a lady came over with her son to adopt a dog and when they saw Coso, they loved her. Everybody has his or her lucky day and so is every dog. It was obviously Coso’s lucky and probably her happiest day.

Dogs seem to have a very strong instinct and when they see someone who really loves them, they will definitely sense it. And also when they see someone who does not mean well, they often sense it too. That is why they sometimes bark at certain strangers. Coso obviously sensed that the mother and son that came for her really love her and you can feel her excitement. The picture says it all.


After the adoption had sailed through and Coso was about to leave with her new family, a final picture of her was taken. You will see her paws raised high in the picture. You could see the joy in her eyes. It was like her dream came true and it came true pretty soon. She’d been there a while before the Lort Smith Animal Hospital decided to take her in and give her a better chance at finding people to adopt her.

I say thumbs up to the officials of the animal hospital. More power to their elbow. Without them, Coso would not have found her new family. They are real heroes. I wish Coso a happy stay with her new family. Please see the wonderful picture. It speaks volumes of Coso’s state of mind.

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