Shelter Dog Desperate For Love Tries To Hold Hands With Everyone That Passes By His Kennel

All Speck ever wanted was to love, and be loved in return. Even while he was staying in a kennel at the Bullock County Humane Society, his loveable personality made it impossible to pass him by without saying “Hi.”

You’d think more than a year of sitting overlooked at the shelter would harden Speck’s spirits. But that wasn’t the case. Despite everything, the sweet little guy refused to give up. Speck radiates love and wants nothing more than someone to hold on to.

The moment Speck sees someone approaching, he pushes his face between the metal bars and reaches out his paw — and nobody’s been able to resist giving him some love.

“All he wants is people love. He will reach his little hand out and he just wants you to touch him and hold his hand,” Desiray Miracle-Wilder, the shelter’s director, told The Dodo.

Speck loves human attention so much that not even big dogs, cats, or even toys can break his concentration. When he’s got his eyes on a human, he becomes so fixated on getting love and he doesn’t care about anything else.

He just wants to shower every person he meets in love and craves any type of affectionate touch, if you sit down, he’s laying on you, if you hold his hand, he’ll hold your hand.

The shelter decided to film Speck, to show the world his sweet hand-holding routine as well as drum up some interest in him. The video quickly went viral on Facebook and people were able to see how sweet and affectionate Speck is.

It’s been watched and shared thousands of times and it only took 3 days for the video to change Speck’s life forever. Allie’s Hope For Paws Dog Rescue saw Speck’s video and she helped connect the shelter dog with an amazing adopter.

This is where Bullock County Humane Society stepped in, they managed to find perfect forever home for Speck.  The family has a 26-acre farm and two pups who are soon going to be Speck’s new doggy siblings.

Speck is finally going to get all the love and affection he deserves, and he’ll have a wonderful life running around the farm and playing with his new siblings.

Watch his video below:

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