Shelter Dog Doesn’t Want To Go Back To The Shelter After A Volunteer Takes Him For An Outing

Can you imagine what it must be like for a dog living in a shelter?

It must be a lonely life, even if there are volunteers who give you some love every now and then, the dogs must be craving for attention and affection.

So when this dog named Marshmallow was taken outside by a shelter volunteer, he didn’t want to go back to the shelter. He climbed onto the volunteer’s lap and fell asleep right there. He just wanted to be held that way forever.


The volunteer named Michele Kenno took Marshmallow for an outing outside the shelter. For a few hours, Marshmallow experienced the freedom and the attention and love that he desperately needed.


Marshmallow didn’t want the day to end. So when the time came when they have to return to the shelter, it seems like he wanted to let every bit of the moment last.


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