Shelter Dog Goes Absolutely Nuts When She Sees Jean Pants

We all have something that we go nuts about. I go nuts about cute little puppies! I can’t stop myself from smiling when I see them. And I just have to touch them and cuddle them, no matter what! And dogs are the same too. Even when they are puppies, they already have favorite toys to play with.

The puppy in the video below is nuts about something. And it’s not over a common dog toy. Nope, it’s not a ball, not a rope, but rather, a piece of clothing! She goes totally nuts over jeans! They even caught her on video playing and going crazy over it! And you’re gonna love this one cos the video is in slow motion! You’re gonna see all her adorable and funny facial expressions in slow mo! Check it out!

Puppy needs to fight this evil villain! The jeans must be conquered! It’s just so adorable!
All that cuteness caught in slow motion! And the music is just perfect! I absolutely love this video!

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